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Zombie Road Trip for Android, escape the zombie horde

Zombie Road Trip for Android is a new zombie game on Google Play. This is a 2D game with lateral displacement, simple but very addictive, where we have to kill the zombies that put us in the middle avoiding run over.


Features of Zombie Road Trip for Android:

  • 5 landscapes each with its own distinct look
  • fully randomised terrain (every play through will feel brand new)
  • dynamic zombie demolition engine (every a zombie dies the collision will look awesome and new)
  • 5 exciting weapons to dispatch your foes
  • 11 unique cars
  • 5 add ons that will change the way you play the game
  • beautiful high def graphics
  • spin bonus the wheel to earn more zombie coins

Zombie Road Trip for Android in action:

Zombie Road Trip for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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