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yuilop for Android is updated with multiple improvements

yuilop for Android just received a major update, in particular it is version 1.9, now we will have an improved user interface, improved call quality and significant improvements in speed, stability and performance as well as bug fixes.


yuilop for Android – Description:

Unlimited FREE calls and texts to anyone in the world over WiFi or 3G/4G/LTE, even with contacts who don’t have the app.
★ Call any mobile or landline phone worldwide
★ Send free SMS to any mobile phone worldwide
★ Chat and group chat with friends on yuilop messenger
★ Share pictures, location, emoticons, emoji and smilies
★ Call and text even when you don’t have cell coverage (VoIP & IM)
★ Save money by not paying for cell minutes for calls and texts

★ Let’s you make free calls and SMS, even to friends and family who have not installed the app
★ Most users report a higher quality connection than with other services
★ We care about safety. yuilop is fully encrypted and don’t give away your info to third parties.
★ #1 App in Germany with over 5 million people, Best Mobile App 2013 in Spain

Yuilop is an OTT app, which means as long as you have a data plan or a connection to WiFi, yuilop will work on top of it. When there is no WiFi, yuilop allows you to avoid paying for cell minutes and SMS by using yuilop credits instead of cash. yuilop credits (energy) are easy to earn:
★ Join yuilop
★ Invite a friend who joins yuilop
★ Receive calls or SMS to your number (not available in all regions)
★ Participate in activities on the offer wall

★ If your cellular or wireless connection fails your yuilop voice & messaging also be interrupted. These failures may be caused by reasons outside our control.
★ There are no special measures for end users with disabilities.
★ US users do not earn credit on in-coming calls to numbers
★ yuilop should not be used for emergency calls.

yuilop for Android v1.9 – Changelog:

  • Newly improved interface design
  • Improved calling quality
  • Faster connection
  • Improvements in speed, stability and performance of the app
  • Energy is called credits now
  • Easily connect your Facebook profile and invite friends

yuilop for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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