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WhatsApp Ultra 2.00: The Best Modification is Back

WhatsApp Ultra is back, and after more than two years its developer has decided to release a new update of this spectacular WhatsApp MOD. This is the new version 2.00, with many visual changes and new features exclusively.

In case you don’t know it yet, you should know that this is one of the best WhatsApp MODs, along with Fouad WhatsApp, which we can install, with many features that you will only find in it, and that its developer, Karam Lord, is already well known by other Mods such as KLWhatsApp or GBWhatsApp Ultimate, both discontinued.

WhatsApp Ultra

WhatsApp Ultra 2.00 – News

As always we start talking about its base, updated to the new version 2.20.157 of WhatsApp for Android, so we will find all the new features that we can already find in the original version, plus many others in exclusives that we comment below.


The official list of new features of WhatsApp Ultra 2.00 is:

  • 2.20.157 : Base Update
  • Exclusive | Multi Night Mode (Grey/Blue/Dark
  • Exclusive | Options to customize Night mode (Custom accent color/Accent chat bubble color)
  • Transparent Mode
  • Exclusive | Options to customize transparent mode (Degree of transparency/Light wallpaper)
  • Exclusive | Full Telegram Ui (Home/Conversation)
  • Telegram / Material Themes options
  • Custom colors options to (Home/Conversation)
  • Gradients Themes (Home/Conversation)
  • New styles for chats bubbles
  • New wallpapers for conversation background
  • Option to change status ticks style to ios style
  • Buttons to select text stauts Background/Text color
  • Menu Navigation Drawer
  • New Floating Button in home tabs
  • Option to Hide Floating Button and show default fab
  • New Design for Internet Browser (Material Design)
  • New Design for wa ultra
  • Fixed all previous bugs

Download WhatsApp Ultra

To download WhatsApp Ultra in its latest version 2.00 we only have the com.whatsapp package, so we can only install this WhatsApp MODs as the main number of our original WhatsApp for Android account.

WhatsApp Ultra 2.00

If you are installing for the first time then you must backup and uninstall WhatsApp or modification you have installed on the number you want to install. If you are upgrading you should not uninstall anything.

Download WhatsApp Ultra > com.whatsapp