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WhatsApp GO, the best MINI MOD, is updated to the 0.20.67L version

WhatsApp GO, the best mini WhatsApp MODs for the vast majority, has just been updated to the new version 0.20.67L. A long-awaited update, as it updates the base of the application, as well as correcting some annoying bugs found in the previous version.

This modification is completely original, it is not based on any other WhatsApp MODs, like the vast majority that are based on Fouad WhatsApp. It has all the privacy options imaginable, plus many extra features related to media delivery and download states.

WhatsApp GO

WhatsApp GO 0.20.67L – News

Regarding the new features of WhatsApp GO 0.20.67L we won’t find a very long list, because it is a fully developed mini mod, there will be hardly any new features, except the basic changes of the application, some bug fixes and occasionally some new extra functions.

The complete list of new features is the following:

  • New Base Updated to Stable Base
  • Re-design Go Settings to be like Stock Wa (60%)
  • Added backup and restore feature (like titanium backup)
  • Enable all hidden features
  • Added Ability to hide status downloader button.
  • Support languages [ Indonesian – Portuguese {Brazil} – Spanish {Cuba} – Persian – Hindi – Spanish ].
  • Fixed Original Picture size.
  • Fixed pinned chats.
  • Fixed crash app on some devices.
  • Bugs fixes and speed improvements.

Download WhatsApp GO

As you can see below, there are 2 packages to download WhatsApp GO; the first one, the com.whatsapp package, we will use it to install the application as our main WhatsApp account number, while the com.wago package (available soon) we will use it to install it as an extra number.

WhatsApp GO 0.20.67L

If you have never installed a WhatsApp modification before, please backup your coonversations, remove WhatsApp from the number where you want to install the modification and enable the option to install applications from unknown sources. If you are upgrading, then just download the same package you have installed, and install it.

Download WhatsApp GO > com.whatsapp | com.wago