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TrueCaller for Android

TrueCaller is a global Caller ID application for any Android device, with which we can know who is calling us. TrueCaller connects yellow- and white-pages from all over the world, into one app.

TrueCaller offers an extensive filter which protects you from fraud, spam, expensive collect calls and even annoying salespersons. TrueCaller automatically updates your phonebook contacts with correct address information and notifies you when your friends changes their address.  Know what your friends are up to before you answer their calls. TrueCaller instantly shows you the latest information about your friends from Facebook and LinkedIn.


  • Caller ID, see who is calling
  • Social Caller ID, see your friends latest info from Facebook/LinkedIn on calls
  • SMS Preview
  • Block spam calls
  • Name and number search
  • Update phonebook with missing address information
  • Tweet your calls on Twitter automatically

TrueCaller is available free from the official page of the application. Visit this website on your phone