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Superuser 3.0 for Android

Superuser, one of the most important applications for the Android ecosystem that grant and manage Superuser rights for our phone, is updated to version 3.0, with a completely revamped user interface, adds significant functionality and improves support for applications that require permits special.


  • Fixed layout on non-Honeycomb tablets
  • Better handling of fragments on tablets
  • Compatibility for Donut restored
  • Fixed bug that caused unpredictable results when an app is remembered that was previously allowed
  • Backup/restore of apps and preferences
  • Fix for Superuser thinking the binary is outdated when it’s not
  • Major speed increase for notifications and logging
  • Show seconds in log defaults to off now
  • Fix FC when trying to swipe left/right in HomeActivity
  • Fix changelog version tracking, only show what’s changed since the last time the changelog was displayed on launch

It is also very interesting its version Honeycomb.

This app requires that you already have root, or a custom recovery image to work.

Superuser is available free at Android Market.

Android Market | Superuser