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Super Mega Worm for Android available on Google Play

Super Mega Worm for Android is now available on Google Play. This is a fun game with graphics that simulate the old 8-bit games, where we make our way with a giant worm to end the evil forces of the Earth. Launch Sale: 50% off.


Super Mega Worm for Android – Description:

The cult-hit Super Mega Worm has finally arrived on Google Play Store!!!

Mother Earth is on the brink of extinction and has released her last defense, the Great Death Worm, Wojira. Wojira is on a revenge mission to destroy all the Human parasites. Crawl and eat your way through waves of humans and their robots of destruction. Grow and evolve into the ultimate weapon of destruction. You are the last line of defense, can you save the world?

– Super fun, fast and furious Gameplay
– Awesome Retro Art Style
– 24 Action Packed Levels
– 2 Different Game Modes
– 3 Destructive Super Abilities
– 2 Different Control Schemes
– 20 Delicious Items to Eat
– Leaderboards and Achievements
– Tablet Support

Super Mega Worm for Android – Video:

Super Mega Worm for Android is available for just 0,75 euros ($0,75) on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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