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Sudoku for Android, 1600 puzzles are waiting for you

Sudoku for Android, developed by jdamcd, is the popular sudoku game, which we will find hundreds on Google Play, but we liked it, because of its simplicity, excellent interface, without complicated settings and a lot of new challenges. And no annoying ads.


Sudoku. Pure and simple.
No complicated settings.
No ads. Ever.

Play with four difficulty levels and an expandable selection of puzzles.

There are a lot of Sudoku games out there, but this one is different. This one has simplicity at the core. You won’t find page after page of complex settings. This is the simple beauty of printed puzzles matched with electronic convenience.

Try 40 free puzzles and unlock 4 puzzle packs with another 1600 puzzles for the price of a cup of coffee.

Stuck on a newspaper puzzle? Don’t worry! We baked a Sudoku solver right in to help you get moving again.

Sudoku for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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