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Square Love for Android, a great and unique game

Today we have a gift for you, it is Square Love, a game that we could classify within the puzzle games, but also, depending on the level, within the action games. No doubt a great discovery, a game that will surely be a success and we want to be the first to tell you about it.

Square Love for Android has 150 levels, which are many hours of gameplay, where we will have to get with the protagonist to his goal, a pink square, for this we will have to slide your finger on the screen in the direction in which we want to go.

Hundreds of obstacles, enemies and helpers

During the game we will find an endless number of obstacles, be it enemies, different means, bullets, spikes, etc… that will make our mission difficult, but we will also find friends or helpers who will help us reach our goal.

A very simple game mechanic, just slide your finger to move and wait for the protagonist and assistants to finish their movements to make the next move, accompanied by clean and simple graphics, as well as sounds also simple and fun, make this game a real pass.

Square Love for Android is FREE

Best of all, Square Love is a totally free game, although with the typical ads that appear after playing several games, which do not become annoying, as they give us the possibility to pass them. It also has the possibility of removing the ads by a payment, in case they bother you too much, which I doubt.

In short, a game you must try, original and different from anything you may have played before, where your brain will be responsible for how far you can go, in addition to your skill, which is very necessary in certain levels.

Download Square Love > Google Play (Android)