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Spaceships Games: The Invaders for Android on Google Play

Spaceships Games: The Invaders for Android is presented in society as a proposal for those who are fans of the most classic games that began to prevail among the youngest in the eighties with the Martian invasions. A classic of the genre like the Martians who want to invade the earth and we must prevent at all costs with our space fighter.

The first thing to note from this Spaceships Games: The Invaders for Android is that its aesthetic is completely ochentera with very pixelated graphics and a soundtrack reminiscent of many musical hits of the era. Playing this game is like going back more than thirty years ago, so the veterans in this games they will enjoy the most.

Spaceships Games The Invaders

Spaceships Games The Invaders for Android Features:

Among the most important technical features of Spaceships Games: The Invaders for Android we have to mention that we have no less than 150 levels with 6 bosses that must be eliminated to successfully complete our mission. Our game has three different types of weapons with laser-guided missiles and a normal shot. We may be getting along different game powerups like shields and several different types of shots.

Spaceships Games

If you want to test your ability to eliminate alien invasions you can compete in a global ranking that is included in the game and beat rivals from around the world or all your friends. A very simple but a really fun game that will keep you glued to your mobile for hours style. Do not hesitate to try and repeat.

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