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Smashing Balloons now available at Android Market

Here comes to Android Market SMASHING BALLOONS, the popular game of smashing balloons, but in a much better version you would have never seen before! An ideal game for all ages and that will be lovely for everyone. Enjoy your time smashing all the balloons you can from your Android device!

SMASHING BALLOONS is dynamic, fun, proof your skills, and it’s so addictive! Forget typical games where balloons just move in on way and don’t have surprise in it. In SMASHING BALLOONS you’ll have to hunt balloons for all around the screen, they will get bigger or smaller adding more difficulty at the game or will appear a lot of balloons in a moment, if you are not careful!

In SMASHING BALLOONS you have got different types of balloons, in several colours that you’ll have to explode. Never touch black balloons, ghost balloons origin balloon avalanches and bright balloons will give you extra live.


  • Two game modes. Survivor and Time Attack.
  • A funny and original backtrack.
  • Simple and colorful graphics.
  • Different types of balloons.
  • Guaranteed fun and more… with SMASHING BALLOONS.

Smashing Balloons is available at Android Market for just 0.79 euros.

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