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SidePanel for Android, swipe from edge

SidePanel for Android is an application, still in beta, you can activate with a sidebara nd easily switch between running tasks, a Ubuntu-style Touch. No doubt this is a very interesting, especially due to the lack of such applications on Google Play.


(This app is beta version, it can be unstable.
If you have any trouble using this app, Pleas sent feedback via E-Mail)

Swipe From Edge!
and easily switch between running tasks.

-service toggle
-service notification toggle
-use right panel toggle
-panel item background customization option
-panel background color customization option
-Touch Detector resizing option
-Touch Detector position option
-Vibrate toggle

(How to Use)
-Run the app, “SidePanel” and check “Enable Service”
-Swipe From Left or Right Edge, The Panel will appear. try it!
-Panel will show you running task, click item to switch to corresponding task

SidePanel for Android in action:

SidePanel for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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