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Runtastic Timer, the best timing for Android

Runtastic Timer is undoubtedly one of the best, if not the best, timer for Android to be found right now in Google Play, with all desired functions and necessary, as rest periods, voice feedback and capacity to create an infinite number of timers.


Perfect timing for every situation in your daily life!


* Customize your timer with various activity phases:
– Warm-up
– Workout
– Rest periods
* Voice feedback: Constantly looking at your smartphone and clock is a problem of the past
* Create an infinite number of timers, save them, and use these again and again
* Determine workout phases and rest periods, and how often you want to repeat your routine
* Displays both total time and remaining time (countdown)

The runtastic Timer App is more than a stopwatch or traditional alarm clock. Whether you regularly workout, practice yoga and meditation, or simply need a new tool to track your studying or working hours, the runtastic Timer App is for you! Set as many timers on your smartphone as you desire, save these settings, and use your customized timers again and again. Define your workout intervals (warm-up, workout, rest periods) and construct unique workouts with different combinations of your personalized intervals!

The countdown is on!! Download the practical runtastic Timer App today, and enjoy the unique timing benefits during fitness activities and in your everyday life!

Runtastic Timer for Android is available for free on Google Play.

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