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Robo Shooter for Android

Robo Shooter for Android is a spectacular 2D shooter game with vertical scrolling, the graphics are 2D but must admit they are really well made. A game very similar to R-Type. We will control the robot by touching it and moving on anywhere on the screen of your device. The bullets are fired automatically, whose arms we can improve power-up throughout the game.

Also, you can set the following settings in a settings menu.

  • Sound : You can enable or disable gaming sound.
  • Screen size : You can change size of gaming screen. (Large / Medium / Small)
  • Player control : You can switch position of some information displayed on the screen, such as your score, a pause button, an energy gauge, etc.

Other features:

  • 2 difficulty levels, each with an individual leaderboard.
  • 5 different stages, fighting bosses at the end of each stages.
  • Some power-up items.

Robo Shooter for Android is available in Google Play for 0.99 euros, but we can try the demo version, with the first stage.

Google Play | Robo Shooter | Robo Shooter Demo