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Riding Space for Android now available on Google Play

Rinding Space for Android just made its official debut in the Google Play and its download is already avaiable and free. A game a bit special as it comes from a new Spanish study of developers that make their debut in the sector under the curious name of Zombie Brothers Games. We must give to this newcomers a chance.

Because not every day is created a new national project directly related to mobile games It is an opportunity to present them with full honors. The people of Zombie Brothers Games has created with this Riding Space for Android a game that can get in the casual genre, and in which we have an astronaut as protagonist falling free around the outer space. We will also find a lot of obstacles to be overcomed, besides the attack of several alien ships.

Other aspects to highlight about Riding Space for Android is its look, based on the classics, is full of pixels, which gives it an attractive retro look. Plus you’ll be accumulating points as you progress more meters in the space, and go higher and higher in the world rankings. Undoubtedly a game that you have to give an opportunity for its large dose of simple and quick entertainment.

Riding Space is available for FREE from the Google Play.

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