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Plants War for Android

Plants War for Android is the new game Gameevil Inc. company, ensuring its quality, and is now available in Google Play. This is an action game with 3D graphics mixed with 2D situations, RPG-style. Action and strategy at its 40 levels will ensure our enjoyment for hours.

Plants War for Android features:

  • Intense real-time tactical strategy. Defend lake naiad from the beasts, strategically launch your spawns to attack!
  • Multiple heroes with unique abilities. A wide array of heroes can be purchased with leaves earned throughout battle. gain experience, level up and unlock secret abilities!
  • Full 3d graphics & zoom action controls. Freely roam the battlefield in ultimate 3d animation with intuitive touch screen controls!
  • Normal, hard and hell modes for endless play. Over 40+ (more to come) challenging battle stages for hours of nonstop action!
  • Unlock achievements and rewards. Pursue greatness through 24 eclectic battle challenges and collect special items!

In action:

Plants War for Android is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Plants War for Android