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Photo 360° for Sony Xperia S / U / P / X8 / PLAY / arc / neo

March 16, 2012

Our Sony Xperia S, U, P, X8, X10, PLAY, arc, neo, mini or any other Sony device with Android, it can not be without Photo 360°, an application with which we can take 360° panoramic photos with superior quality to any other application of this type.

But not only can take a typical 360-degree panoramic photography, have three different kinds:

  1. 360 degree Panorama: You will obtain in a few seconds a full 360 degree panorama (without any discrepancy problems) by just holding your device.
  2. 360 degree object/person photo: Get a 360°view of an object (or person) simply by turning around.
  3. “Behind you” photo (available for front-facing camera devices): Create an amazing picture that will show the world behind you thanks to the front camera of the device (through the app).

Photo 360 by Sfera android Photo 360° for Sony Xperia S / U / P / X8 / PLAY / arc / neo

And of course, also possible to share our 360 degrees photos  from our email, Facebook or Twitter.

Photo 360° is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Photo 360°