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Optimize ToolBox for Android

Optimize ToolBox is an impressive application for  any device with Android 2.1 or higher, with which we have 15 programs in 1, how to manage, organize, optimize and view our files, applications and processes.

This powerful app has 9 sections, 15 functions: System scan, App manager, Startup manager, (Un)installer, Program manager, Cache clean, File explorer, Power saving, and Quick profiles. Those powerful and comprehensive tools form a 360 angle protection for your Smartphone, which can always keep your Smartphone in the best state!.

  1. System scan: Provide full scan for your mobile phone. One click to optimize Installed apps, Auto start apps, Running apps and Cache. Show CPU, RAM, ROM,SD, Signal, Speed, and Battery status.
  2. Apps sort: Custom category for your apps to manage easily.
  3. General and advanced settings: Quick access to set ring mode, volume control, input settings, screen rotation, WIFI, Bluetooth, security, APN and so on.
  4. Widget:Add widget to homescreen, easy to switch WIFI, Bluetooth, airplane mode, auto rotate, cache cleaner and much more.
  5. Startup manager: Clean useless apps when startup, which can free memory, speed up running speed and save power.
  6. Uninstaller: Support batch uninstall unwanted apps .
  7. Installer: Install apk files from SD card.
  8. Sort apps: Easy find apps to uninstall by installed time, size, or name .
  9. Program manager: Display all running apps and services, kill unwanted running apps and running service. Ignore list can protect fatal apps and services.
  10. Cache cleaner: One click to delete all cache to free more memory.
  11. Message clear: List all your messages, contacts and strangers. one click to delete messages..
  12. File explorer: Manage mobile phone and SD card files: view, send, move, copy, rename, delete and add files.
  13. Power monitor : Monitor running apps’ battery status. Huge power consumptive apps can be sorted out and killed.
  14. Power save: Adjust screen brightness, timeout, turn off WIFI, Bluetooth, GPS, auto-sync, background data.
  15. Device information: Display mobile phone’s information such like CPU, model, RAM, SD card, memory, screen, operator, network type, IMEI, roaming status, system version, and kernel version…

You can download Facebook for free from Android Market or from the link below:
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