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Opera Mobile for Android is updated to version 12.1

Opera Mobile for Android is updated to version 12.1, an update rather important, loaded with many new features which add new features in addition to CSS, as expected and support animations FlexBox. The full list of the new features you can see below.

Changelog Opera Mobile for Android v12.1:

  • Added support for CSS Flexible Box Layout Module (aka Flexbox)
  • Added support for CSS Animations
  • Updated implementation for CSS Transitions
  • Updated WebSocket implementation (RFC6455)
  • Updated Media Queries implementation
  • Added partial support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
  • Added support for HTML5 Clipboard API and events
  • Added support for contentEditable/designMode
  • Added support for SPDY protocol
  • Added support for Page Visibility API
  • Improved compatibility:
    • Support a selection of webkit prefixed and unprefixed CSS properties
  • Security:
    • Fraud protection
    • With added ‘Fraud Protection’ Opera Mobile will warn users about suspicious webpages by checking the page requested against a database of pages known to be of a fraudulent nature.
  • Added Architecture Support:
    • MIPS
    • X86
  • Other improvements:
    • Support CPU Filtering in Google Play store
    • Reduces Binary Size

Opera Mobile for Android is available free at Google Play.

Download | Google Play