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Opera Mobile and Opera Mini for Android are updated

Opera today released a new update to Opera Mobile and Opera Mini for Android. Specifically it is the Opera Mini version 7.0.2 and Opera Mobile version 12.0.2 with fxed general stability issues.

Changelog Opera Mobile 12.0.2 for Android:

  • Fixed issues with Flash not working on some ICS devices
  • Fixed issues with Flash crashing on some ICS devices (HTC One X)
  • Fixed issues with fonts on Samsung Galaxy SII (ICS)
  • Fixed Issues with speed dial entries reappearing after user removes them
  • Fixed general stability issues

Changelog Opera Mini 7.0.2 for Android:

  • Fixed crashes related to virtual keyboard on some HTC devices
  • Fixed crashes related to non-standard ROMs (e.g. CyanoGen)
  • Fixed crashes related to text selection
  • Fixed general stability issues

Opera Mini and Opera Mobile are available free at Google Play.

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