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Opera Mini is updated to version 6.5.2

Opera updates Opera Mini to version 6.5.2 for any Android device, this update includes a data viewer application, which provides information on the amount of data transmitted during the connection. Also included the ability to save a Web address, such as “favorites” by pressing the “Star” in the same field of the URL.

According to its developers:

Opera Mini compresses data by up to 90 percent before sending content to the phone, resulting in faster page loading and speed. This compression dramatically reduces data load, which translates to lower browsing costs when on a pay-per-MB data plan, especially when roaming.


  • A new interface looks better on your device and gives Opera Mini a sleek, modern browser appearance.
  • Pinch zoom and smooth panning let you surf in a natural and intuitive way.
  • Synchronize bookmarks, Speed Dial and more with your computer or other mobile devices via Opera Link.
  • Twitter and Facebook support is built in so you can easily share Web content with others.
  • Games and free apps can be downloaded from the Opera Mobile Store in Opera Mini’s Speed Dial.


  1. Added Data Usage view
  2. Added save bookmarks to Home Screen
  3. Added import of system bookmarks
  4. Added decoding of WebP images received from Opera Mini servers
  5. Reintroduced Protocol setting
  6. Fixed UI refreshing problems on Honeycomb
  7. Fixed problems with Hybrid UI displayed on Tablets with Touch
  8. Various stability and performance fixes

In action:

Opera Mini 6.5.2 is available free at Android Market.

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