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Nova Launcher for Android is updated to version 2.1

Nova Launcher for Android has just been updated to version 2.1 with many bug fixes and improvements rendiemiento, while adding new features such as the new icon and wallpaper picker, or the ability to change icons & titles of apps in drawer.

Nova Launcher for Android is available in free and paid version for 3 euros, but with the free version will have more than enough. This launcher will allow us to fully customize our theme, plus add interesting features, with great scroll effects and infinite scroll. Without doubt, the best launcher for Android exists.


Changelog Nova Launcher for Android v2.1:

  • New icon and wallpaper picker. Swipe between pages of themes
  • Ability to change icons & titles of apps in drawer, independent of applied icon themes. Drag app from the drawer to the Edit icon
  • (Prime) Improved grouping of apps. Drag app from drawer to Edit icon
  • (Prime) Ability to drag a drawer folder to the desktop. Stays linked with drawer folder.
  • Settings > New Apps for adding newly installed app shortcuts to the desktop. More advanced than the Play Store setting.
  • Optimizations and fixes

Nova Launcher for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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