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Nemus Launcher for HTC Wildfire / Desire / Sensation / One X

Nemus Launcher for HTC Wildfire, Desire, Sensation, Legend, Explorer, Flyer, One X, One V, One S or any other HTC device with Android, will be able to replace the native launcher of our device in a sensational way.

And is that Nemus Launcher for HTC will notice a low memory usage, a very rapid response performance, a stunning application management, and a very simple folder management.


  • DockBar page count customization
  • Page indicator hiding
  • Grid size customization
  • Hiding system status bar with gesture
  • Missed call & Received sms badge display
  • Widget Resizing
  • Themes (native ZIP themes & SSKIN themes downloadable from market)
  • 1 to 9 workspaces
  • Various App list styles
  • Expandable folders in workspace & app list
  • Workspace and app menu switchers (screen preview)
  • Highlight recently used apps
  • Scrollable bottom docks / QuickSetting docks
  • Scrollable widgets
  • App-Hide&Lock / Screen-Lock

In action:

Nemus Launcher for HTC is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Nemus Launcher for HTC