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Need For Speed Undercover for HTC Trophy / Mozart / HD7

Need For Speed Undercover is a racing-action game or our HTC Trophy, Mozart, HD7 or any other Windows Phone 7 device. Acquire cars, unlock tracks, snag a bounty over $1,000, and more. Reach milestones, complete goals, and get up to 200 Gamerscore points!. The Need For Speed saga continues…

Race through Head-to-Head action, Highway Battle, and Cop Takeout. Go undercover in 24 covert missions at the wheels of some of the most awesome automobiles imaginable. Earn achievements and track leaderboards as you power 20 of the world’s hottest high-performance cars through 24 undercover missions and 8 challenging modes of hot-pursuit action!

Need For Speed Undercover is available for 4.49€ in MarketPlace and also free trial version.

Marketplace | Need For Speed Undercover