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MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy

MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S, Note, Tab, Ace, Mini, Nexus or any other Samsung device with Android, is a calculator which will introduce the mathematical operation manually, through our handwriting, and it calculate mathematical expressions.

After trying MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy, we must admit that the conversion of our handwriting mathematical formula is almost magical, and can write equations in a very natural and quick.

MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy Features:

  • Works on your smartphone (Use your finger or a capacitive stylus with your android phone (Samsung Galaxy phones, HTC, Motorola, Sony Xperia, LG Optimus and others)
  • Works on your tablet (Take advantage of the S-Pen with your Galaxy Note, or use any capacitive pen with your Galaxy Tab family of tablets, HTC flyer, Lenovo Thinkpad, Asus transformer and others)
  • Use your handwriting to write any arithmetic formula.
  • Write and calculate mathematical expressions in an intuitive and natural way with no keyboard
  • Supported mathematical symbols: +, -, ×, /, √, Pi, parentheses, exponentiation.
  • Scratch-out gestures to easily delete symbols and numbers

MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy in action:

MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | MyScript Calculator for Samsung Galaxy