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Moon Chaser for Samsung Galaxy S / Tab / Player

Moon Chaser is an action and racing game for our Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy 3, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player or any Android device, based on the famous Tiny Wings, where we use the hills as jumps to fly and go as far as possible with our ninja, before the moon is eclipsed.

The game rule is very simple, the gravity increases when screen is touched, and it restores to normal when released. We must get all the points as possible before the moon is eclipsed.

Some tips:

  • Touch to acclerate speed on declivity.
  • Release to make ninja fly on acclivity.
  • Fine tuning gravity when ninja is flying in the sky.

In action:

You can download Moon Chaser for free at Android Market or from the link below:
To learn more about QR codes, click here.