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Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy

July 5, 2012

Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S, Note, Tab, Ace, Mini, Nexus or any other Samsung device with Android, is a free and fun kart racing game in 3D, you could say that is a copy of Mario Kart, but instead of Mario with moles.

Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy features:

  • Different Mole characters with distinctive personalities will come together to battle it out in an adrenaline-fueled race with you , don’t look down on them.
  • Various free tracks for you to choose. You can gallop in the wide, beautiful, and exciting racing tracks.
  • Each kart has its own features. Whether you are driving auto or manual, you will be thrilled and entertained.
  • Countless props, gears, and monsters are waiting for you.

Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy in action:

Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Mole Kart for Samsung Galaxy