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MNWhatsApp has just been updated to version 6 Final

We are now able to download the latest version of MNWhatsApp, also known as Minimal WhatsApp or MNWA, version 6 Final, an update with many new exclusive features and bug fixes that improve overall application performance.

This is a WhatsApp MOD based on Fouad WhatsApp that uses Google Material Design for its design. In addition, its developer often includes new exclusive features with each new update, many related to application customization.


What’s New in Version 6 Final

In this new version of the application, new customization options have been added, as well as fixing the error in the icons of the attachment menu. The base is still WhatsApp version 2.20.123 for Android, so we will not find anything new here.


The complete list of what’s new in MNWhatsApp 6 Final is:

  • Reduced the size of the GI-style stories. (FINAL)
  • Anti-adolescence additive for 1 year. (FINAL)
  • Added 4 new row styles for the main screen. (FINAL)
  • Subjected to a new optimization process; MNWA even more fluid than in past betas. (FINAL)
  • New process to keep it optimized: MNWA is now more fluid. (NEW BETA 2)
  • Attachment menu icon correction (NEW BETA 2 FIX)
  • Added 2 new styles of conversation rows on the main screen (NEW BETA 2)
  • Added sources: Added new iOS fonts (NEW BETA 2)
  • Based on version 2.20.123 (NEW)
  • Now it supports night mode. (NEW)
  • Support for Animated Stickers (Look for them in the WhatsApp sticker store). (NEW)
  • Possibility to download (or not) the emojis variants from the application. (NEW)
  • Activate / Deactivate the dark mode from the main screen header. (NEW)
  • Activate or deactivate your profile photo on the main screen.
  • Redesign of some interface icons. (NEW)
  • 4 main screen styles (Bubble, Basic, iOS and original Tabs), and you can combine them with Instagram style stories. (NEW)
  • Separate conversations from contacts and groups. (NEW)
  • Change the size of the rows on the main screen. (RE-ADDED | NEW)
  • New icons in the attachment menu, now Material Design style with some gradient. (MNWA EXCLUSIVE | NEW)
  • New Gradient style ticks. (MNWA EXCLUSIVE | NEW)
  • 2 New Header Styles in Conversation (MNWA | NEW ONLY)
  • New Google Message-style text entry 2020 (MNWA | NEW ONLY)
  • New and small redesign of MNWA settings (MNWA | NEW ONLY)
  • New camera design. (MNWA EXCLUSIVE | NEW)
  • Added WhatsApp’s ”stock” bubble that allows the correct color change. (MNWA EXCLUSIVE | NEW)
  • New optimization process; MNWA now consumes less battery, less RAM and is much more fluid than before when performing actions. (NEW)
  • And much more that you must discover…


If you want to install this WhatsApp MODs as an extra number, you are out of luck, as it only has the com.whatsapp package to install it as your main WhatsApp account number. New packages may be included in future updates.

MNWhatsApp 6 Beta 2

To install it for the first time, first back up your chats (Settings > Chats > Backup” and click “Save”) and uninstall WhatsApp from the number you want to install it on. If you are upgrading, there is no need to uninstall anything, just download the same package and install it.

Download MNWhatsApp > com.whatsapp