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MEGATROID for Android

MEGATROID for Android is a platform game with amazing lateral scrolling where we are Hali and our goal is to free the galaxy from the grasp of the almighty machine empire, The Imperium.

In┬áMEGATROID for Android we are memberships of GRIN, the Galactic Rebel information Network. We also have SPAKK, the Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic Kitten, who relays GRiN’s instructions to you and occasionally helps you fight the Imperium.

MEGATROID for Android Feautures:

  • Procedurally generated stages with near-infinite variation!
  • Share your generated stage with friends, across any platform!
  • Hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from in the Black Market!
  • Super-badass weapons, armor and upgrades in the Premium Market!
  • Intriguing sci-fi setting with episodic structure!
  • Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack!

MEGATROID for Android in action:

MEGATROID for Android is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | MEGATROID for Android