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LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack for Sony Xperia

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack for Sony Xperia S, T, U, P, one, Go, X8, X10, PLAY, arc, neo, mini or any other Sony Xperia device with Android, is an action shooter game with amazing 3D graphics, where the protagonists, type LEGO, must fight the evil brains! who want to invade the city.

Action-packed LEGO® Hero Factory game – fight the evil brains!

Enjoy the latest, all-action LEGO® Hero Factory game, featuring awesome 3D graphics, incredible weapons and an army of evil brains. Makuhero City is under attack and only you can save the day!

-Defend Makuhero City and stop the waves of brains attacking the Hero Factory
-Customise your hero with fantastic weapons and armour
-Select Furno, Bulk, Breeze or Rocka to fight as your sidekick
-Earn game points to upgrade your firepower and defences

The Hero Factory needs your help. Can you be its greatest defender?

This is the first release of a game that will be updated throughout 2013 with lots of additional content and features. Standby for a major update at the end of January!


Hero Factory Brain Attack for Sony Xperia in action:

LEGO Hero Factory Brain Attack for Sony Xperia is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play