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Kingdoms & Lords for Android

Kingdoms & Lords for Android is the ultimate strategy game released by Gameloft, where we develop our village and train a militia to be able to create a great empire to dominate the world. The game is free, but incorporates in-app purchases, for better advance and weapons.

In Kingdoms & Lords for Android there are two fundamental aspects that we must protect, our local economy and, more importantly, our army, to defend, attack or steal resources to our neighbors so you can continue to thrive.

Kingdoms & Lords for Android Features:

  • A strategy game: raise an army and attack your neighbors. Hire, train, and develop your army to prepare them for combat.
  • A medieval simulation: expand lands, cultivate crops and raise animals to get money and food. Enjoy a rich production system to build up your kingdom.
  • Challenge your friends by launching your troops against their defense lines and see who has the best army!
  • Forge alliances, rescue friendly units, and send them unique gifts.
  • Optimize your production system and get extra revenue.
  • Upgrade your buildings, unlock new ones, and enhance your capacities.
  • Invest to develop your army and upgrade their weapons.
  • Protect your kingdom, defeat rival armies, and steal their resources.

Kingdoms & Lords for Android in action:

Kingdoms & Lords for Android is available free at Google Play. The game requires downloading additional data covering a total of 240 MB.

Google Play | Kingdoms & Lords for Android