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Karoshi for Android

Today I discovered one of the games more “rare” that we play in our Android device. This is Karoshi, the famous PC game, a puzzle game, but a puzzle game very very original, because the goal is to die.

Karoshi which can be translated literally from Japanese as “death from overwork“, is occupational sudden death.
You walk and jump with the little salaryman, push crates, pull switches and more to find a way to ultimately off yourself. Again and again in every level. Killing yourself was never this much fun!.


  • This all new Karoshi title features 50 stages and a micro game bonus mode.
  • Additionally there are achievements to unlock and coins to collect.
  • Karoshi Ware mini game.
  • A groovy soundtrack was created by Jake Almond specifically for this title.

In action:

Karoshi is available at Android Market just for 0,70 euros.

Android Market | Karoshi