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IP Camera Viewer for HTC Trophy / Mozart / HD7

IP Camera Viewer is an application for our HTC 7 Trophy, Mozart, HD7 or any other Windows Phone 7 device, which allows us to watch cameras and webcams from anywhere with our mobile device. We can check our home security camera or see how the weather is on other side of the world.

IP Camera Viewer is available for free from MarketPlace.

MarketPlace | IP Camera Viewer

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hi, I wanna ask a question. To add cameras to observe, it asks ” login” and ” password” I didn’t understand these could u help me about that.

Waiting for ur mail
Thanks in advance..

i download the app. insert all info into the app, but can not access it. it alway show ” there was a problem with contacting the camera, please check the url, login and password.” any idea to solve this problem. thank you very much