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Image Optimizer for Android allows us to save space

Image Optimizer for Android is a new and useful application for phones with low on memory space, which saves us a lot of bytes in our Android device, thanks to the optimization of the images we have stored.

For now Image Optimizer for Android is only able to optimize JPEG images, although they are working so that the application can also optimize PNG images. Another innovation that is expected soon is the arrival of support for directory browsing.


Image Optimizer for Android supports two optimization techniques:

  • Compress your photos to save a big amount of space with a slight, often unnoticeable quality loss.
  • Just optimize your picture while retaining the original quality. Some devices with few space already compress images with an high ratio, so it’s normal to save a few bytes or nothing at all, since Image Optimizer will never save a new image bigger than the original.

Image Optimizer for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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