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IM+ All-in-One Messenger for LG Optimus 7

IM+ All-in-One Messenger is now available for our LG Optimus 7 or any Windows Phone 7 device, despite its high price, nearly 9 euros or $13 , many people do not even think it because of the shortage of similiares applications in the Market Place.

Chat in Yahoo!®, GTalk™, AIM®, MySpace™, Jabber, ICQ®, Facebook® and Skype on the go. No more SMS charges!.


  • Always on communication across most of public messaging systems.Communicate with your friends in a single buddy list. You may have multiple conversations at the same time and use multiple accounts of the same service.
  • Stay online in Push mode and save the battery life. In this mode IM+ is not running, you remain online and continue receiving IMs.
  • IM+ uses all advanced facilities of your Windows Phone. You can see avatars and emoticons in your dialogs, recognition of phone numbers, e-mails and links in messages. If you touch a phone number, you will start calling, if you press an address, the post client will be opened.
  • Group chat. Communicate within Skype group chats and enjoy group conversations!
  • Friendly user interface in English, other languages will be added in next releases of IM+.

IM+ All-in-One Messenger is available at Market Place for 8.99 euros.

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