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Google Reader v0.9.2 for Samsung Galaxy S / Tab / Player 50

Google Reader, the application to follow all our favorite sites, blogs, and more, all in one place, is updated to version 0.9.2 for our Samsung Galaxy S, Galaxy Tab, Galaxy Player 50 or any other Android device.


  • Unread count widget — choose any feed, label, person, or “all items” and get the unread count on your home screen.
  • News ticker widget — cycles through items on any stream in Reader. Clicking any headline takes you to the article. Clicking the folder takes you to that stream.
  • Mark previous as read — scroll down your reading list, hit “Mark previous as read” at any time to only mark things above the screen as read.
  • Bugfixes

Google Reader is available free in the Android Market or from the link below:
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