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Google Play Books for HTC

Google Play Books for HTC Wildfire, Desire, Sensation, Legend, One X, One V, One S or any other HTC device with Android, significantly improved reading experience with its new update. This is version 2.6.30 which added new features like text highlighting, writing notes, translation, etc.

Another new features of Google Play Books for HTC is the incorporation of sepia mode, which adds to the day and night mode. Definitely a good application for book lovers, with which we can choose from millions of books, both pay and free.

Google Play Books for HTC in action:

Changelog Google Play Books for HTC v2.6.30:

  • Added highlighting, notes, dictionary, “Places” info cards, translation, sepia mode, and sliding page-turn.
  • Fixed crashes on launch on certain devices including HTC Wildfire.
  • Details: In “Flowing Text” books, you can tap & hold to select some text and then:
    • Highlight
    • Add notes
    • Translate
    • See definition in dictionary info cards
    • See a map and Wikipedia snippet in “Places” info cards, if the selected text is a place.

Google Play Books for HTC is available free at Google Play.

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