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FxGuru for Android, add special effects to your videos

FxGuru for Android is the application that will change the look of our videos permanently. Able to add stunning special effects, blowing up your TV, bathroom, or pile of leaves, or surprise everyone with UFO invasions or destroying your neighbor’s car. Here the only limit is your imagination.

FxGuru for Android has a huge assortment of visual FX,  proprietary MotionMatchTM technology, which allows us to add realistic movement in our videos. The effects that last over ten seconds which includes virtual Decals provide guidance for each effect help you align your shots seamlessly.


FxGuru for Android included:

  • Capture an old Satellite as it crashing to earth
  • Film a UFO landing craft as it roars overhead
  • Direct an explosive TNT Barrel destroying anything nearby
  • A wide variety of other effects are available for in-app purchase, including:
    • Sci-Fi Movie / Futuristic / Alien FX: Mech Attack; UFO Arrival; UFO Invasion; UFO Calling; Alien Probe; Meteor Strike
    • Action Movie / Weapons / Military FX: Flamethrower; Cruise Missiles; Molotov Cocktail; Bunker Buster; Grenade; Building Demolition; Rocket Launcher

FxGuru for Android in action:

FxGuru for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play

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