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Frozen Bubble for HTC Trophy / Mozart / HD7

Frozen Bubble is one of those games that you can not miss on our HTC Trophy, HTC Mozart, HTC HD7 or any Windows Phone 7 device. After succeeding in all gaming platforms, comes this famous game where we have to overcome more than 100 levels. The fun and entertainment is assured for many hours.

To play the game, match 3 or more of the same color bubble. Do not let the bubbles cross the line at the bottom of the screen or lose a life. You have 4 only. There are no points gained. It is all about the levels. See if you can be the first to finish the 100th level on the normal mode. Two forms of playing: Normal: You have 10 seconds to release a bubble or it will release on its on. Every 8 times a bubble attaches to other bubbles or the ceiling the compressor will drop all bubbles down 1 row.

Frozen Bubble is available free at Market Place.

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