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Fouad WhatsApp 8.31: 0 new but also 0 problems

If a few days ago we gave you the great news that Fouad WhatsApp was updated with many new features, today we also have very good news, and that is that a new update, version 8.31, is released to fix the problems of the previous version.

We thought that this update would include the new stable version 2.20.157 of WhatsApp for Android, which includes video calls for up to 8 users, but finally Fouad has kept the previous stable version, 2.20.123.

Fouad WhatsApp

What’s New in Fouad WhatsApp 8.31

No new functions or features in this latest version, but we did find a version free of serious errors that made it impossible to run the application. Although the official list of new features is the same as in the previous version, here is what’s new in Fouad WhatsApp 8.31:

  • [Updated] Base: 2.20.123
  • [Exclusive] Option to Separate Chats / Groups conversations into two screens!
  • [Added] Swipe chat row in home screen to see quick actions
  • [Added] Use new WhatsApp Fingerprint UI
  • [Added] Bottom bar style option to Home UI
  • [Added] Dark Mode for WhatsApp and YoSettings
  • [Added] Download Emoji variants from YoSettings
  • [Added] Option to use Phone system emoji variant for WhatsApp
  • [Improvement] Reduce APK size to 33mb!
  • [Improvement] Performance and speed
  • [Fixed] People pictures shows incorrectly in Instagram status style
  • [Fixed] Status text not appearing sometimes when replying to status
  • [Fixed] Toolbar icons changing to white randomly
  • [Fixed] YoThemes Server not loading
  • [Fixed] Black line when scrolling when Instagram status style is enabled
  • [] Other improvements and fixes

Download Fouad WhatsApp

As you can see below there are 4 different packages or APKs to download Fouad WhatsApp, so we will use the package com.whatsapp to install it as our main WhatsApp account number, and the remaining packages to install it as an extra number.

Remember to backup your chats before installing or upgrading, and if you are installing for the first time you must delete any WhatsApp or modification you have installed on the number you want to install on. And if you already have it installed, simply download the same package you have and install it normally.

Download Fouad WhatsApp > com.whatsapp | com.fmwhatsapp | com.gbwhatsapp | com.yowhatsapp