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Firefox for Android is updated

Firefox for Android, one of the major web browsers, is updated to version 14 with many interesting developments, as well as stability and performance improvements that make the application on the best web browser for Android, or almost.

In this new version of Firefox for Android highlights the support for Adobe Flash, now loading pages much faster, but still with some degree of uncertainty in the Nvidia Tegra devices 2. They have also fixed many bugs reported by users.

Changelog Firefox for Android v14:

  • Faster start-up and page load times
  • Support for Adobe Flash
  • The user interface has been completely re-designed with a new Awesome Screen
  • New personalized Start Page with top sites and tabs from last time
  • Better text readability through font size inflation
  • Tap-to-play is default for plugins
  • Google searches now utilize HTTPS
  • New panning/zooming architecture implemented for better touch responsiveness
  • Top Sites, Bookmarks, and History are now even more accessible from the
  • Awesome Bar
  • Pointer Lock API implemented
  • New API to prevent your display from sleeping
  • New text-transform and font-variant CSS improvements for Turkic languages and Greek

Firefox for Android is available free at Google Play.

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