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Firefox 4 Beta 4 for HTC Wildfire / Desire HD | Z / Legend

Mozilla just announced Firefox 4 Beta 4 for our HTC Wildfire, Legend, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Hero, Evo, Nexus One or any device with Android 2.0 or higher. We will notice faster start-up, page load times and responsiveness to panning and zooming. The Firefox Mobile Add-ons Gallery also offers more than 100 add-ons to customize the features, functionality and look of our Web experience.


  • There are now over 100 add-ons for Firefox for Mobile, and counting.
  • Startup speed has improved visibly. This was a top request from Beta 3 users.
  • JavaScript is much faster – almost 15% performance improvement in Beta 4 compared to Beta 3.
  • Fixed several keyboard issues (top feedback from Beta 3)
  • Improved support for tablets (like the Samsung Galaxy Tab) and small-screen devices (like the Motorola Droid Pro)
  • Memory and CPU usage is reduced, making the browser more responsive and stable.
  • Added an option to resize text to fit the screen when you double-tap to zoom in, to optimize the reading experience. This feature can be activated in the Firefox preferences. (This is also based on top feedback from Beta 3 users.)
  • Many miscellaneous bug fixes, usability improvements, and optimizations for a better experience.

We can download Firefox 4 Beta 4 from here.

More info | Mozilla