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FindMyDroid for HTC Wildfire / Desire HD | Z / Legend

FindMyDroid is a free application for our HTC Wildfire, Legend, Desire, Desire HD, Desire Z, Hero, Evo, Nexus One or any Android device, with which we can locate the position of our device in case of loss or theft by SMS.


  • Recovery of location information via SMS
  • Ring and vibrate on SMS
  • Notification of improper replacement of the SIM card
  • Multi-language support (Italian and English, other translations coming soon)
  • Starts automatically when the system boots up
  • Access to settings protected by password

Its operation is very simple, send a text message from your associated phone to retrieve the location. In a few minutes FindMyDroid will respond you with a text message indicating the geographic position of the device (the information is compiled by the support of GPS and AGPS). If the GPS and AGPS have disabled the software will tell you the GSM cell ID of which the device is connected. On replacing the sim card you will be immediately notified by a text message.

You can download FindMyDroid for free from Android Market or from the link below:
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