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Fast File Transfer for Android

Fast File Transfer for Android gets emulate the Wi-Fi Direct with a simple application, with which you can transfer files from a transmitter to a receiver using the WiFi tethering, so you do not need a wireless network connected to internet.

Fast File Transfer for Android is very easy to use, we must go to any file explorer or gallery, select the file and click “Share”, now choose this application and follow the simple instructions on the screen.

Features of Fast File Transfer for Android:

  • Up to 20x speed of bluetooth
  • Easy to setup
  • The receiver is device-independent
  • No need for a common Wi-Fi connection
  • No data usage for file transfer (Just for advertisements)
  • The receiver does not have to have the app installed
  • Send single or multiple files
  • Displays QR codes for faster receiving

Fast File Transfer for Android is available for free on Google Play.

Download | Google Play