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Facebook and Facebook Messenger for Android are updated

Facebook for Android has been almost obliged to update its application due to numerous complaints from its users very angry with the shortcuts created to share pictures and send messages, despite being redesigned icons.

With the new version 1.9.2, Facebook for Android includes additional bug fixes and removes the camera and messaging shortcuts.

Facebook Messenger for Android has also been updated, in particular it is version 1.7.0 with many improvements and new features, such as see where friends are messaging you from.

Changelog Facebook Messenger v1.7.0:

  • Now it’s even easier to reach groups of friends on the go:
  • Text everyone for free, using your existing data plan
  • Reach friends wherever they are now – on their phone or the web
  • Know who’s seen your message, and who hasn’t
  • See where friends are messaging you from
  • Also includes:
    • Typing indicator – see when your friend is replying
    • Bug fixes

Facebook and Facebook Messenger for Android are available free at Google Play.

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