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Extreme Skater for Android

Extreme Skater for Android is an amazing game, especially for fans of skateboarding, where we collect all the fallen meteor fragments and enjoy all the powers that they give us to overcome the various obstacles that we find in each level.

No doubt Android Skater Extreme is a amazing game with stunning graphics and gameplay out of the ordinary, you will spend hours and hours to get beyond its 78 levels, which will soon be more.


  • 78 huge levels!
  • Super accurate tilt controls
  • Multiple paths on each level for extra replay-ability!
  • Incredibly detailed hi-res graphics!
  • Unlock tricks, boards and characters!
  • Two different worlds to explore and more coming soon!
  • Interactive tutorial to learn how to play

In action:

Extreme Skater for Android is available free at Google Play.

Google Play | Extreme Skater for Android