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Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android is updated

Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android is updated to version 8.0.0, with improvements particularly at UI, now more suited to the style Ice Cream Sandwich, and various improvements to routes.

With over 10 million users Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android has become a point of reference for this type of application, with which we can calculate the distance traveled, time, speed, routes, etc…

Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android Features:

  • Track any outdoor sport including duration, distance, speed and calories
  • Enter a workout manually, e.g., a treadmill run or weight training
  • Get audio feedback for every mile or km while exercising
  • Get live peptalks from friends – they write a short text on our website which is then read out loud to you seconds later
  • See your route on a map
  • Track your heart rate (works with Polar Wearlink® + transmitter with Bluetooth® and Zephyr heart rate monitor, more info at
  • View history of workouts and study split times per km or mile
  • Set a distance goal and have the audio coach speak to that as your target
  • Sync workouts across multiple platforms (web entry, certain watches, file import – signup required)
  • Post workouts to Facebook Timeline
  • See your friends’ latest workouts in real-time
  • Race against a friend’s time and have the audio coach help you perform better
  • Compete on a specific route nearby and race against the route champion
  • Follow your friends’ latest activities with the social widget on your phone’s home screen
  • Keep a log of your music playlist for each workout
  • Study routes nearby and use the map to navigate your way around
  • Set the app to pause automatically when you are not moving
  • Enable countdown
  • Customize the main screen to show the information that you find most valuable
  • Get instant feedback by tapping your (wired) headset’s media button
  • Pause and resume a workout by long pressing your (wired) headset’s media button
  • Integrate with bike speed & cadence and heart rate monitor sensors using ANT+
  • Integrate with SonyEricsson’s SmartWatch as a SmartExtra
  • Access all your online settings: Profile, sharing, privacy, workout, audio & accessories

Endomondo Sports Tracker PRO for Android features:

  • Interval programs: Choose from three programs or create your own and let the audio coach guide you
  • Graphs: View graphs with your lap times, heart rate, speed and altitude throughout the workout
  • Beat yourself: Set a previous workout as your goal and the audio coach will help you perform better this time
  • Low power mode: Increase the battery standby time by using this feature for long workouts
  • Time goal: Choose a duration for your workout and the audio coach will help you reach the time goal
  • Calorie goal: Set a calorie goal for your workout and the audio coach will guide you

Changelog Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android v8.0.0:

  • Redesign of app based on input from users. The new and improved design offers a better user experience and enables us to introduce more new features to the app in the future
  • Improvements to routes
  • Like/dislike routes and see overall rating of a route
  • Add/remove a favorite route

Endomondo Sports Tracker for Android is available free on Google Play. Also available is the Pro version for 4.99 euros, with added functionality.

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