Echofon for Android, now its first Beta available

echofon android Echofon for Android, now its first Beta available

Echofon for Android, the popular Twitter client is now available in its first Beta, lots of improvements over its Alpha version. Still in beta, but will soon be available on Google Play.

Echofon for Android has a practical and simple user interface that make it almost unique, in addition to all the features we want and expect in a Twitter client such as notifications, widgets and more.

Changelog Echofon for Android:

  • Added multi account support
  • Added conversation view
  • Added prefetching screen
  • Added retweet with comment on Tweet detail view
  • Added direct replies to DM notifications on Jelly Bean devices
  • Improved notification handling
  • Improved desktop sync
  • Improved picture upload
  • Improved profile view
  • Full-text notifications
  • Autocorrect in composer
  • Jump-to-top shortcut
  • Navigation adjustments according to Android guidelines
  • UI improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Bugfixes

Echofon for Android is only available on its official website.

Download | Official website


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