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Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android now is multiplayer

Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android is updated, and if before it was hard to stop playing, it is now almost impossible, adding multiplayer mode, with which we play with our friends in cooperative mode, or by confronting other players from all over the world in the epic deathmatch mode.

Certainly the graphics are the highlight of Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android, with refined textures, advanced shaders, beautiful lighting effects and super-fluid animations to make a stunning 3D game experience. Astounding visual effects like motion blur, real-time distortion, dynamic particles and more make your special attacks stunning to see in the heat of battle.

We can choose between 4 different characters: Warlord, Astromancer, Trickster or Shaman – and for the first time in Dungeon Hunter you can even choose the gender of your hero.

Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android in action:

Changelog Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android  v1.3.4:

  • Co-op multiplayer
  • PvP multiplayer
  • Bug fixes & adjustments

Dungeon Hunter 3 for Android is available free at Google Play.

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