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Dolphin Browser HD is updated to version 7.0

Dolphin Browser HD, one of the best web browser for Android, is updated to version 7.0 for any Android device. Now with the new type of synchronization of bookmarks, custom gestures and other preferences between devices called Dolphin Connect.

Changelog v7.0:

  • Dolphin Connect(Preload Bookmark Sync): Now you can sync your Dolphin Browser bookmarks on all of your devices by signing up for a Dolphin Account.
  • Featured Webzine Columns: Featured Webzine Columns gives you easier access to popular Webzine content by allowing you to browse the top 16 Webzine Columns right within the homepage.
  • Details refinement:
    • Newly designed first launch pages
    • Refine user interface (Gesture/Webzine)
    • Webzine Homepage: you can add 24 columns at most

Dolphin Browser HD is available free at Android Market.

Android Market | Dolphin Browser HD